iCalDAVMerge is a collection of scripts for use with iCal Server running on Mac OS X Leopard Server or Darwin Calendar Server. It includes a cron script that creates a single merged and optimized ics calendar file for every user/caldav account each time it runs (in our case, every 15 minutes).

These merged ics files can be made available through a webserver, so all users can then easily subscribe (read-only) to the ics/webcal feed for everybody else. This was, in our case, impossibe to do in a stable or easy way using CalDAV delegation...

iCalDAVMerge is based partly on merge-ics and requires iCalendar.

The scripts were built for an iCal Server environment. Certain paths in the scripts may need to be adapted if running Darwin Calendar Server.

Download iCalDAVMerge 0.8

JJ Spreij
div.caldav {[(at)]} demon.cx
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